The Weyburn Police Service is reminding residents to lock their car doors, after reports of suspicious activity last week.

A resident reported seeing a suspicious person dressed in dark clothing checking parked cars nearby. The suspicious person then took off when the resident yelled at them. Patrols of the area were not successful in locating the individual.  

"The area was patrolled, but of course, this guy vacated the area and was not located," Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype said.

Another resident reported that someone had rummaged through their vehicle and some loose change was found to be missing.

"The police are just reminding everyone that there are people out there, so lock your vehicles, try to remove valuables from the vehicles if you have to, or if you keep them in a vehicle, make sure that they're out of sight," VanDeSype said. "And if you see anyone lingering around that looks suspicious, call the police immediately and we'll check it out." 

VanDeSype explained that when someone goes through your vehicle and takes your loose change, it's called a crime of opportunity.

"There are two different types," he explained. "If they see something valuable, they might do a smash and grab. But if there is nothing really valuable in sight, they may be just trying your doors to see if it's unlocked and seeing if you have any loose change or cell phones or things like that hanging around in the glove box or something." 

Police remind residents to lock their vehicles, remove valuables or keep them out of sight if left inside their vehicle, and call the police immediately if they see anything suspicious.