The news this week regarding a school division employee being charges with offences involving a minor has created a buzz in the community. One of the discussions that has come about is what a parent can do regarding this, and what parents should watch for when it comes to similar situations.

Discover Weyburn reached out to the Weyburn Police Service and spoke with Deputy Police Chief Brent Van De Sype.  

“You know, I think it really boils down to being the most important thing is to have that bond with your child,” Van De Sype explained. “Have an open line of communication you know, ask them about their school, about their friends, about their activities.” 

There can be signs that something is amiss parents can pick up on. 

“The more you have that bond with your child, you'll recognize if there's changes in their behavior or their personality,” Van De Sype added. “If they become withdrawn, or they're anxious, or you know unusually aggressive, maybe they you know changed their friends, maybe they have knowledge of adult issues at age they probably shouldn't.” 

Online behaviour is something parents can also try to keep an eye on, although that can be tougher the older a child gets. 

The key, according to Van De Sype, is that bond and the open communication. 

The police are also a resource that parents can use. 

“If you suspect that there's something going on, any type of abuse or anything you know of that nature, definitely contact the police and you know we'll try and assist in any way we can.”