Weyburn Police responded to a potential online fraud last Tuesday, involving an item purchased over Facebook that was not delivered.

The police gave the seller the opportunity to either face a charge of fraud, or give the item to the individual. 

“The individual had purchased an item off of Facebook, and the person that they had purchased the item from was not forthcoming with respect to the item itself,” said Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden. “Police were contacted. We got involved a little bit and at the end of the day the seller was contacted and did come through with respect to the product.” 

The Weyburn Police Service would like to remind citizens to be extra cautious when sending money electronically to unknown people. 

“Be careful of what you’re doing and who you are dealing with, because sometimes at the other end it is not as legit as you think it might be.” 

The seller is not facing charges.  

Mayor Marcel Roy commented that he had several experiences of people trying to scam him online. 

"Just recently I advertised my Yamaha motorbike on Kijiji, all I got was four scam emails," he said. "Just be smart about what you are doing, and when people are asking for large amounts or even small amounts of money."