Traffic issues, particularly drivers who shouldn't have been behind the wheel, were a common issue for the Weyburn Police Service last week. There were a number of incidents involving prohibited drivers, disqualified drivers and impaired drivers that required the WPS to intervene.

Last Monday, police had to deal with a driver who ended up receiving a 60-day license suspension. The vehicle was also impounded for three days. The WPS said the situation developed after a traffic stop, and the administration of a roadside breath test. 

Then, another vehicle ended up being impounded on Thursday. In that incident, an officer conducted a traffic stop, and the driver was charged with driving while prohibited. 

A call about an erratic driver early Friday morning led to a traffic stop and an arrest. In that incident, the driver was charged for impaired driving, and for having open alcohol in a vehicle. 

The same day, another call about an erratic driver led to a traffic stop. This time, the driver was said to have been driving while disqualified, leading to a charge. Police stated the driver was also given a warning for having a young passenger who was not properly secured in the vehicle. 

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