With the snowstorm that hit Weyburn and southeastern Saskatchewan last week, it has left some wondering about the possibility of flooding. 

Sean Osmar, Manager of Communications at the Water Security Agency (WSA), said that runoff conditions for the Southeast have been updated since last week's snowfall. The WSA provided an update for the Southeastern parts of the province along the Upper Souris and Long Creek Basins. 

Osmar said that higher than expected temperatures and warmer overnight temperatures (not dropping below freezing) has pushed runoff slightly higher. The WSA's latest update said that while the Souris River through Weyburn will be higher than normal, flood related impacts are not expected.

"There are no significant impacts expected, but there might be localized flooding and overtopping in areas along the tributaries in the Southeast."

He said that reservoirs have capacity, particularly the Rafferty Reservoir.

The WSA advised the public to take precautions near water bodies as flows can change quickly, and if you see areas of high flow, to please keep your distance.

The WSA will continue to monitor conditions and provide updates as they develop.

Souris River levelsSouris River water levels. (Photo taken by Mallory Cawthra).


Souris River water levelsSouris River water levels. (Photo taken by Mallory Cawthra).