The Weyburn Wildlife Federation held its Fred Garner Memorial Banquet on Saturday at McKenna Hall.  

There were over 200 people who attended this event, which WWF President Larry Olfert said has three purposes. 

“Firstly, it’s our annual awards night for all of our competitions for fish, wildlife and photography, and other achievement awards. Secondly, we have a celebration of our fellow hunters, conservationists, and fishers who share the stories of their happenings over the year. Thirdly, it’s our largest fundraiser of the year.” 

The fundraising from this event goes back to the federation for their programming. 

“The list of programs goes on and on. There’s a program for teaching kids how to shoot archery that will start up again in October. We don’t know the final figures yet, but we made some money I’m sure.” 

He added that everything went smoothly, and that it was a great group of guests who attended the event, which hasn’t been able to take place for two years.  

The recipient of the Fred Garner Memorial Award, for the outstanding member of the year, was Joe Stefaniuk. 

“We give trophies to whoever gets the largest deer, bear, or moose,” said Olfert. “Also, for each category of fish, walleye, perch, and pike in the junior and senior categories, and the hunting ones are junior and senior as well.” 

For whitetail deer, Dean Schenk won for typical buck, Brent Olfert for non-typical buck and buck taken by archery, and the Larry Jacobson Memorial Award for junior whitetail buck went to Everett Murray. 

In the mule deer category, typical buck went to Cindy Paslawski, non-typical and buck taken by archery to Darryl Mutrie, and the Larry Jacobson Memorial Award for junior mule deer went to Everett Murray. 

The award for antelope went to Ryan Simons, and the award for moose went to Matthew Anderson.  

For black bear, Kevin Paslawski was awarded for a bear taken by a rifle, and Chris Dunne was awarded for a bear taken by archery.   

In the game bird category, Brent Olfert won the award for pheasant, and Kevin Paslawski won a trophy for goose. 

When it comes to fish, the award for northern pike went to Troy Kincaid, walleye went to Jeff Chinski, and perch went to Shane Knoll. The junior prizes went to Corbin Knoll for perch, Ashton Schenk for pike, and Eden Tochor for walleye. 

Three members won grand slam awards, Evelyn Paslawski for a moose, mule deer buck, and whitetail doe, Kevon Paslawski for a whitetail buck, mule deer buck, and black bear, and Cindy Paslawski for a mule deer buck, whitetail buck, and cow elk. 

The grand slam overall winner was Matthew Anderson for bull moose, mule deer buck, and whitetail buck.  

The best big game animal taken by a woman was by Cindy Paslawski for a mule deer buck, and the best overall big game animal taken by a muzzleloader went to Jake Sonnenberg for an antelope.