There has been a new green addition to the side of Highway 39 as you pass through Yellow Grass, right where the old elevator in the community stood. 

No, it isn’t something supporting the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but it is something that could help light up the lives of communities throughout the province.  

The big green structure is a gantry crane and was erected there in the middle of May. The purpose of the crane? To help off-load rail cars that are carrying equipment bound for the Great Plains Power Station that is under construction southeast of Moose Jaw.  

The off-loading started on May 21st, and the crane is expected to stay in place for the next few weeks before it is taken back down.  

The Great Plains Power Station is a SaskPower project that is expected to add 360-megawatts to the provincial grid and is slated to come online in 2024.