Weyburn's Brayden King and the rock band featuring Weyburn's Dane Von Hagen, Dead Levee, played a sold-out show last Friday night at the Revival Music Room in Regina.

"It was pretty wild. I opened up the night, and even though it was at 8:30 when I was playing, there was still good crowd that was really into it," shared Brayden King. "Then, the night just built and built and built, and then Dead Levee had the stage last, and everyone just went bonkers. It was just crazy. 

"I was outside getting a breath of air, because it was so hot in there, and the bouncer was standing beside me. He's like, 'you know, you guys are at capacity in there right?' And I'm like, 'what?', And he's like, 'yeah, I just turned away like 20 people', and I just went and celebrated after that. I thought that was pretty cool."

"I think we had about 230 to 250 people in there. It was pretty amazing. We're all still riding the high from that." 

Following the Friday night show, King, along with Dane Von Hagen and Taylor Morgan, were originally scheduled to play their solo sets at Weyburn's Pumpjack's Saloon and Steakhouse. However, Brayden tested positive for COVID and they decided to re-schedule the show for Wednesday night.

King said the night was "mind-blowing".

"The amount of people that came out to support on a Wednesday night, it just blew us away. It was so so good to be back in the hometown. I haven't played in Weyburn since August, so it was amazing to come and see so many familiar faces singing the songs and staying all night long with us," he told. 

"It was so much fun, and it kind of gave Weyburn and a chance to pick up some of the new Brayden King merch as well," he noted. "So you'll see some Brayden King hoodies and hats running around the city, I'm sure." 

He said everyone had a blast at the show. Next he will open up for Dead Levee this weekend in Saskatoon, returning back to Alberta after that for shows in Edmonton and Grand Prairie.

Brayden will perform in Weyburn again on June 30th for the Weyburn Young Fellows 100th anniversary celebration, which will also include a set by Dan Cugnet, Weyburn's own country sensation Tenille Arts, and Hunter Brothers. Read more HERE.