Prices for pretty well everything went up this year including the Young Fellows live Christmas trees. Despite that, they did alright, according to Len Hutchings, President of the tree lot.

"We sold all but about a dozen trees. A little bit smaller margin this year just to make it a little bit easier but we did fairly well."

The Young Fellows had advertised some of the trees that were left for free to those who could not afford a live tree or maybe a tree at all, although there wasn't any interest in them.

"Those ones will be taken with the ones we collect on Sunday morning, this coming Sunday, to the Weyburn City Farm and made into mulch to put into the flower beds in the city."

With the Young Fellows coming around Sunday, what time should we have our trees outside our homes?

"I would suggest probably getting it out there Saturday night."

To ensure it gets picked up, it's best to put them as close to the street as you can.

"Sometimes when they're left close to the house, we mistake them for shrubs and stuff, and we end up having to come back a few days later to collect. So, the closer to the street, the better."

All of the funds raised by the Young Fellows of Weyburn stay in the community, and go towards supporting local organizations.