The Weyburn Young Fellows has launched their annual Online Auction and there are just two weeks to find your deals.

"The auction started this morning and it runs for two weeks, so it will close at 7:00 p.m. on May 27th," said Board Chair for this year's Young Fellows Online Auction, Shane Warner. "We've got a lot of great items that have been donated from local businesses."

Wanner said this is their largest fundraiser of the year, and every dollar raised goes back into the community. 

"There are still items trickling in, but right now we're sitting at 461 items, so there's a pretty good selection," he said. "There's a couple of businesses from Regina, and one from Calgary that snuck in, so it's good to see. By and large, it's Weyburn-based businesses." 

Warner noted their committee members send out notices to past bidders about the options beforehand.

"There are a lot of businesses that are kind of waiting for that email and approach us, but we split up the numbers and canvas local businesses," he shared. "It helps a lot when you say that you're calling on behalf of the Young Fellows, generally pretty well regarded in the community, and everybody is really happy to help support us."

Find the auction HERE


photo by marna

photo by marna