Hundreds of children walk to school every day and cross the roads at the crossing guard posts outside of each Weyburn Elementary school.

An incident last week, where a vehicle failed to obey the crossing guard, could result in a charge based on the traffic safety act if the vehicle can be identified.

"All of our elementary schools use the school crossing guard program. These kids volunteer their recess time, their after-school time and noon hour time to be out there and provide a safe lane for the other children to cross the street with," conveys Inspector Rod Stafford, Weyburn Police Service.

School Crossing Guards are identified by vests and the 'Stop' paddle they hold.

Inspector Stafford also explained how vehicles are legally required to obey the school crossing guards directions.

"If they don't, there's an offense being committed under the traffic safety act. Providing we can either identify the registered owner of the vehicle through the license plate or the driver, we can lay and usually do lay the applicable traffic safety act violations."

"This is a significant safety issue, not only are the kids out there perhaps putting themselves a little bit at risk by holding that paddle, they are doing that because kids are crossing the street."

"If vehicles disregard that direction to stop or slow down they are endangering the kids that are crossing a little further down the street," warned Inspector Stafford.


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