The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a hospital gives prematurely born babies and babies with serious health issues a chance at life.

Weyburn and Estevan are without NICU's so any Southeast Saskatchewan residents will more than likely use the Regina General NICU when a child needs it.

Lise Soles, a 911 Dispatcher working in Regina, from Weyburn is collecting clothing donations for the Regina NICU.

"I think it's something very easy that anybody can do. You have a baby, you have all these baby clothes you only going to use them for a few months. They're still of good quality."

Soles said some may give the clothes to others or sell them.

"But what do you do when you have clothes and no one to give them to?" Soles asked.

Soles saw a posting on a notice board at work that the Regina NICU are in need of donations for clothes for the babies.

"Especially the premie, the 0-3 months and even some of the 0-6 months."

Working in Regina means Soles is able to drop off donated baby clothes on a regular basis.

"Weyburn uses the Regina NICU and there's no reason why, given that I work in Regina and commute from Weyburn, that I can't easily put it out there in the community and just say "hey, if you've got these kind of clothing pieces here and you want to help donate I'll gladly take them up."

Soles whose family have personal experience of the NICU has already had responses from people and has collected 3 big diaper boxes full of baby clothes.

I have five children and my first two are twins.

"When they were born there were a few complications, nothing serious but for the first four days of one of my son's life he had to stay in the NICU and two days for the other."

She adds that finances can be tight when someone has a child or children in the NICU so having clothes provided for you can be a big help.

Anyone who wants to donate clothes to the NICU in Regina can contact Soles directly.

"You can find me on Facebook, the name is Lise Marcotte-Soles. You can also give me a text or phone call, with my job, of course, it will take a while before I answer back but I'll always get back to you."

"My number is 306-861-3467."

Soles is grateful to Weyburn for how supportive the people are.

"I like being able to promote just how amazing our community is."

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