33 Preschool decided to try something different than the well-known candy and chocolate bar fundraisers.

A non-profit organization in Fillmore, they have recently started a First Aid Kit fundraiser with Canadian Safety Supplies.

Stephanie Leguee, a board member with 33 Preschool, shared that the fundraiser came about through a member of their board. "She was in contact with our Community Enhancement Committee. They had seen that there was a first aid kit fundraiser and so that's how the idea came about. We haven't seen it before in the area and we thought this might be a really good idea."

33 Preschool

Leguee shared that the proceeds will go towards preschool expenses: "Building expenses, future upgrades, our teacher fees and supplies for the preschool students, and anything else that happens to come up that we need money for."

There are a wide variety of first aid kits available for purchase, Leguee explained, including a family first aid kit, a pet first aid kit, an auto first aid kit and even a solar hand crank radio. "There's a simple hammer tool that you can use and leave in your car, there's even a basic first aid CPR kit. That's just to name a few." 

The deadline for orders is April 15th and those interested can contact their Facebook page at 33 Preschool, or send an email to 33preschoolfundraiser@gmail.com

Leguee wanted to thank everyone for their support of the First Aid Kit fundraiser.

As well, there will be a Bingo Night at the 33 Preschool building in Fillmore on Wednesday, March 15th from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., with all proceeds going towards 33 Preschool.

33 Preschool inside