On June 5 a fundraiser was held in Macoun to benefit young widow Jessie Fehr and her family. Over $25 000 was raised primarily from a pie auction organized by Marnell Eagles. 

“Jessie and Curtis were my neighbors for about 7 years, and so I just had a great need in my heart right away to help them out and do whatever I could.” 

Donations were collected leading up to the event through an account set up by the Village of Macoun, but the majority of funds came from the pie auction. Eagles says most donations came from Macoun residents, but they did extend into Midale and surrounding areas.  

Eagles had done fundraisers like this in the past and had great success.  

“It's actually quite easy to do as well once you've got an auctioneer and a great crowd... I joined a couple of friends of mine to help me get it started and it took off.” 

Credit for the success of the fundraiser was given to the communities involved for their generosity in supporting this cause.  

“It was an easy event because our community support is just fantastic.” 

“Just a huge thank you to the area for supporting a local gal and in her time of need in a crisis situation. So again, just kudos to our communities.”