Following another successful season, the Weyburn Minor Softball and Minor Ball teams gathered with friends and family to cap off the year by recognizing the efforts of the many athletes, coaches and volunteers involved. In all, 23 teams and 7 coaches, volunteers and officials received accolades for demonstrating immense dedication towards their athletes, teammates, and organization. 

Before calling forth the first players to collect their awards, a very special presentation was made to the Hoff family in cherished memory of their son. The late Andon Hoff of Francis, Saskatchewan was a valued member of the Weyburn Minor Ball Association and a beloved member of the community. To recognize the impact Andon had on his peers, an award was renamed in his honor. Previously know as the U18AA Best All-around Teammate Award, the newly named Andon Hoff Award will henceforth be awarded to the player most distinguishable by their unwavering team spirit and dedication to uplifting those around them. 

"From 2024 forward, the U18AA Best All-around Teammate Award will be renamed the Andon Hoff award. Andon was the epitome of what a teammate should be. He played with passion and hard work, but always put fun first. Whether it be in a League or AA Provincial Championship Game, Andon knew how to make everyone around him better by putting a smile on their face. Andon's Jersey will be placed on our fence, as well as a memorial on the WMBA building at Jubilee Park to remember Andon's contribution to Weyburn Minor Ball."

Hoff Family

The Hoff family approached the mound hand in hand to accept Andon's awards on his behalf, and were met with the embrace of the coaches and volunteers who knew him well. He was recognized as the MVP for the 18U A Weyburn Beavers and the Best All-around Teammate on the 18U AA Warhawks Provincial team.

"We chose someone who brought the most value to the team. He brought valuable lessons: Like even if you're injured, you can still show up and be part of the team. He made a great third base coach. He brought valuable entertainment: There was never a dull moment for the fans or team when he was out there. Even if his passion got him in trouble, it would always make for a great story. For the record, that Regina kid needed a shove at third. But most of all, he taught us how valuable these moments shared as teammates and sports families are, and how they should never be taken for granted." 

Hoff Family

The ceremony continued with the presentation of another legacy award named for '03-'05 alumni Brennan Luffman. This award serves to recognize the player who displays exceptional skill, a generous spirit, and natural leadership qualities. The recipient of this award was unfortunately not able to receive this praise for his outstanding character due to another athletic commitment.

"Brennan Luffman was a popular teammate amongst his peers and was well liked by his coaches. His leadership and skill played an important role on every team he was a part of. He was actively involved in instructing at baseball camps in Weyburn as well as coaching youth baseball. Brennan's smile and attitude touched many teammates and made it almost impossible for them not to leave every practice or game with the same smile on their faces. We are proud, as an organization, to honor Brennan's name for many years to come. This year's Recipient of the Brennan Luffman award exemplifies a lot of the same qualities. He is most definitely an athlete, a leader, a scholar, and a gentleman; Quinn Mantei."


Other notable awards included Coach of the Year, which went to Jason Ling, Volunteer of the Year, awarded to Doug Walter, Senior Umpire of the Year, which was Ernie Parisien, and Junior Umpire of the Year, which went to Jack Grad.  

Team awards were also handed out last night. The 11U White Sox awarded Nash Duke MVP, Brayden Kronberger Most Improved and Hudson Kerowatski was named All Around Teammate.  

The 11U Rockies named Augustine Anderson as MVP, Kade Gordon Most Improved and Keaton Lindsay as All Around Teammate. 

The 11U Blue Jays named Cruze Parretson as MVP, Carter Colborn as Most Improved, and Judd Venard as All Around Teammate. 

The 11U A’s presented Kaleb Thiessen MVP, Lane Maurer as Most Improved and Conner Logel as All Around Teammate. 

For the 11U Reds, Brogan Wanger was named MVP, Jaxon Vilcu Most Improved, and Mason Vallier as All Around Teammate.  

The 11U AAA Beavers awarded Colton McMillan MVP, Most Improved went to Preston Waler, and All Around Teammate was Jax Fellner.  

The 13U A Blue named Ephraim Henning as MVP, Caleb Stein as Most Improved and Isaac Pingert as All Around Teammate.  

The 13U A Red presented Dawson Farrell as MVP with Carson Howells taking Most Improved and Dallan Colbow was named All Around Teammate.  

The 13 U AA Beavers named Bosttin Mutrie as MVP, Weston Whitford as Most Improved and Carver Ferguson as All Around Teammate.  

The 13U AAA Beavers presented Nixon Fisher MVP with Levi Lillijord taking Mose Improved and Reagan Goudy as All Around Teammate.  

The 15 U A Reds named Carter Downing as MVP, Barrack Olweny took Mose Improved and Kale Chinski was the All Around Teammate.  

The 15U A Jays presented MVP to Lucas Kaufmann as MVP, Corbin Knoll as Most Improved and Kyro Klapak as All Around Teammate.  

The 15U AA Beavers MVP was Ryker Harrison with Carson Vallier being named Most Improved and Parker Knoll as All Around Teammate.  

The 18U A Warhawks named Noah Kopec as MVP, Matthew Elmy as Most Improved and Morgan Lacoste as All Around Teammate. 

The 18U A Beavers named Andon Hoff as MVP, with Rhyder Renner taking Most Improved and Ryan Hicks was named All Around Teammate.  

The 18U AA Tier 5 Warhawks Provincial Team named Vlad Szczecinski as MVP, Maddox Taillon as Most Improved and Andon Hoff as All Around Teammate.  

The 18U AA Beavers presented Owen Klein with MVP, Vaughn Wendel as Most Improved and Chace Kradovill as All Around Teammate.  

In the Weyburn Minor Softball Awards, Amy Swayze was awarded the Softball Umpire Award, and Melissa Renz was named Softball Coach of the Year. 

In team awards, the U11 Jays named Oakland Pederson as MVP, Jayla Duddy as Most Improved and Alexa Armstrong as All Around Teammate. 

The U11 Blue Sox presented MVP to Taylor Warner, Most Improved went to Olivia Corbett, and All Around Teammate was Brady Nielsen.

The U13 Young Fellow Wives team named Wylynn Treble-Wiberg as MVP, Mia Wiseman as Most Improved, and Sawyer Tollefson as All Around Teammate. 

The U13 Oilwomen presented Jemma Neufeld MVP, Lily Forseth as Most Improved and All Around Teammate to Sovannah Hack. 

The U13 Wild A Provincial Team named Ireland Koski as MVP, Aunna Anderson as Most Improved and Ella Walkeden as All Around Teammate. 

The U15/17 Young Fellow Wives team named Izabell Taillon as MVP, Kristin Loroff as Most Improved and Breeannah Mix as All Around Teammate.

The U15/17 Oilwomen MVP was Keira Mahnke with Chelsea MacNeill taking Most Improved and Amy Swayze was the All Around Teammate. 

The U15 Wild B Provincial Team MVP was Kinley Woodard, Brenna Verbeurgt was named Most Improved and Jillian Forseth took All Around Teammate. 

The U17 Hawkeye Security Wild AW Provincial Team named Sequoia Wilk and Prysm Gooding as joint MVP's, Jayda Tessier was Most Improved and All Around Teammate went to Camryn Greve.

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