Another person has announced their intention to run in the upcoming by-election for Weyburn City Council. Larry Heggs, who is a former president of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, has stated he will be running for the seat that was vacated when Dick Michel stepped down last month.  

“Really for me, it’s been something that I’ve been working towards for 20 plus years,” Heggs said of his decision to seek the seat on City Council. “We’ve been so lucky and fortunate to be able to raise our family here in the city and I’m a big believer in the city and a strong promoter, and I genuinely want the city to do well and I think that now is just the right time for me.” 

Heggs talked about his time working in the Chamber of Commerce, as a member, president, and executive director, as one of the strengths he would bring to the table if he were elected.  

“I genuinely think that there’s an accessibility piece to me that some candidates maybe couldn’t bring forward, and I mean I have a connection to a lot of municipal leaders and provincial leaders throughout the country, just from the roles that I’ve had with the Chamber.” 

As for the challenges that someone could face in the role, he noted that an open mind is needed. 

“Certainly there’ll be challenges and subjects that need to be dealt with, but I genuinely believe, in civic politics, that you can’t come in with a particular axe to grind, and I don’t have one,” Heggs explained. “If you come in with an axe to grind, one of two things are going to happen – you're either going to get what you want and you’re going to stop working at it, or you’re not going to get what you want and you’re going to stop working at it, so just bring in a common sense approach to council.” 

The by-election is scheduled for May 31st. The nominations officially open on April 11th and close on April 26th.  

So far, only one other person, Dana Pretzer, has publicly announced their intentions to seek the seat in the by-election.