The Community Hot Meals program is making a comeback this fall and winter. This collaborative initiative, spearheaded by multiple churches, aims to offer a complimentary home-cooked meal on a weekly basis. 

John Smith, Chair of the Weyburn Ministerial Association says there has been a significant increase in attendance, “We have about 25% to 30% more people coming out for the meals than what we had in years past.” 

Smith also mentioned that, on average, approximately 50 to 60 individuals attend the weekly meal. 

While the appeal of savoring a homemade meal is undeniable, Smith clarified that there's an added dimension, stating, “Besides providing a good home meal for those who maybe don't get that very often, it's an opportunity for fellowship, for connection, for people who maybe live alone and don't have a lot of opportunity to be with people in the community. This is an opportunity to get together around a table and have some time of visiting and companionship.” 

Smith also shared that individuals requiring transportation can coordinate pick-up arrangements by calling (306) 891-4123. Additionally, there is the option of a return ride home for those in need. 

The program will run until the end of March and except for a couple holidays, the meal will take place every Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Knox Fellowship Hall. 

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