As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves at the crossroads of a timeless debate: when is the perfect time to adorn our homes with the festive glow of Christmas decorations? We invite you to join the spirited discussion by participating in our online poll. Whether you're an early enthusiast or a last-minute decorator, your opinion matters, and we want to hear from you! As an added bonus, by taking part in our poll, your name will go in for a draw for a pair of tickets for Canadian Western Agribition. The draw will be made tomorrow afternoon!

Embrace the joy or face the judgment – that's the dilemma of early decorators! On the bright side, decking the halls early can lift spirits, spread cheer, and turn your home into a winter wonderland for an extended period. However, the downside might be the potential eye-rolls from neighbours who prefer a more fashionable, tardy approach.

On the flip side, the thrill of last-minute decorating has its own charm. The anticipation builds, and the grand reveal becomes a festive event. However, the cons include the stress of a time crunch, the limited enjoyment of the decorations, and the risk of missing out on the holiday magic for a significant part of the season.

In the end, whether you're team "Tinsel in November" or team "Last-Minute Lights," your decorating style is part of what makes the holiday season uniquely yours. Cast your vote!

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