Justin LaBrash, a Saskatchewan Country Music Award winner and sixth-generation Saskatchewan farmer, stopped by Weldon School in Bienfait to perform a selection of songs for the students on Wednesday afternoon.

Throughout the performance, LaBrash answered the audience's questions on a variety of topics ranging from his marital status to his favourite video games.  
He also received requests to rap, and sing “Old Town Road” however he didn’t think those would showcase his talents.  

“The questions are always fun. Sometimes there's some pretty silly ones which I love, and sometimes there's some really serious ones that I also love," he said.

Following the performance LaBrash met with each student and made sure that they received an autographed card and a high five.  

The students gave a glowing review, stating that he had a great voice and that the performance was awesome.

Labrash said that he enjoys playing at schools and hopes it will inspire the kids to pick a path to go down whether it is music or sports or whatever they want to do. 

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