It'll be an uncertain week in Ottawa as things like Afghanistan, the Tackling Violent Crime Act and of course, the federal budget speech are on the agenda.

Parliament resumes today and there's one thing Saskatchewan MP Dave Batters would like to see implemented... and that's the Conservative crime bill.

Batters says increasing the age of consent from 14 to 16, getting tougher on dangerous offenders and getting tough on drug impaired driving are just a few of the laws they will pass.

The Tackling Violent Crime Act has been passed by the House of Commons and now it's up to Senate to make it the law. The deadline for the Senate to pass the bill is March 1st.

Meanwhile the Budget will be announced tomorrow and Batters says tomorrow's budget speech could trigger an election, and if it were to happen he says the Conservatives will be ready. But for them, he says they'll focus on the issues.