The Betty White Challenge took place at a good time for the Weyburn Humane Society, as they are still dealing with the aftermath of a flood in their building.  

The challenge, which was on Monday, was for people to donate $5 to their local animal shelters on behalf of Betty White, on what would have been her 100th birthday.  

“It's just amazing that people came out and donated,” Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice said. “And e-transfers were just crazy that day.” 

The challenge brought in $11,371 to the Weyburn Humane Society, and Morrice is happy with how much money they made. 

“I am just floored, it’s just amazing how much money came in at such a good time for us.” 

Restoration is currently underway at the Weyburn Humane Society, but Morrice said that if they keep getting donations towards the flood project, they could start looking into getting a new building.  

"We are just finding so much that is wrong now in this building."

You can send donations directly to the Weyburn Humane Society via e-transfer to Donations $20 and over qualify for a receipt, so make sure to include your address in the message line.