It appears the worst of the storm that has moved through southeast Saskatchewan is behind us, but that doesn’t mean things are over. 

“The main system now is just drifting into Minnesota and it will soon be out of our hair, but another day of not pleasant conditions out there,” explained Jason Knight with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  

Starting late Tuesday night, the system has brought roughly 15 to 25 centimetres of snow to the Weyburn area, but the exact measurements aren’t known. This is thanks to the winds, which have reached upwards of 60 kilometres an hour. It doesn’t mean things are over though. Another 2-4 centimetres are expected by the end of the day. 

There is some good news, too. 

While the visibility is still expected to be poor, it is improving, and is no longer at blizzard criteria, meaning the blizzard warning that was in effect has now ended. This doesn’t necessarily mean a smooth ride on the highways in the southeast, or even in the city. 

Vehicles stuck along Coteau Avenue in WeyburnVehicles were getting stuck along Coteau Avenue, by the old Haig School building. 

A number of highways were closed Thursday morning, including Highway 39 from Midale through Estevan to the US border. Highway 13 was closed from Stoughton heading west, and Highway 18 was closed from Oungre heading east towards Estevan. You can get the latest highway conditions by visiting the Discover Weyburn Road Report. 

Within the City of Weyburn itself, the Weyburn Police Service advised travel is not recommended in the city, as many of the streets are impassable. There are vehicles that have been abandoned due to being stuck, and the roads are making it difficult to travel.  

So, what is coming behind the storm? Knight says we won’t have a very long break before the next wave of precipitation hits. 

“There may be another band of snow coming through on Sunday,” Knight added. “We're keeping an eye on another clipper system but it could be bringing at least a few more centimetres of snow again before things really do start improving for good.”