In just over a week, Weyburn will open its doors for the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show, with exhibitors and attendees coming from not just across Saskatchewan, but the country.

Dan Cugnet is the chair of the board for the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show. He explained that the exhibitors will be looking to showcase themselves to those coming to attend the show.

“We want to show good value for our exhibitors,” Cugnet told Discover Weyburn. “Ultimately the general public is the customer, but anybody that's paying for a booth and coming to show equipment or software or technology, those are our customers and we want to make sure that they feel like they are getting value, and they’ve got people from the sector coming through to see them and spend time with them.”

For those who are coming to take in the sights of the show, Cugnet stated they want to make sure those people are getting value for their money at the show as well.

“This is as much about educating the general public and the people in our community as it is for a chance for the sector to showcase itself and people to network and make connections, so we want to accomplish all those things and part of that is the registration process and creating value for everyone who comes.”

This year, the registration process will be slightly different than in years past. Part of it is a result of upgrades that were sought as a result of the pandemic which forced the postponement of the show by a year.

“We’re going to have some of these sorts of terminals, or stations, where you go and put your info in and you register and print off your lanyard,” Cugnet explained. “We initially started to look at doing that just because of COVID, similar to like going to an airport hen you check yourself in.”

There is a slight cost to upgrading some of these systems, and with that in mind, there will be a $10 fee for admission to the Oil and Gas Show this year.

Those who are interested in attending the show are asked to pre-register on the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show website.

This year, there will be a number of guest speakers including Rafi Tahmazian, Quick Dick McDick, and Rex Murphy. The schedule also includes the 2022 Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Recognition Awards, but those aren’t the only highlights for Cugnet.

“We’re thrilled with the lineup, and of course, the terrific exhibitors that we have,” Cugnet said. “I mean, that to me is the real highlight of the show – everyone in the sector coming together to network and seeing what’s there for equipment and new technologies and it’s just an exciting thing for everyone.”