Canadian Blood Services will be in Weyburn on January 17th from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for a mobile blood clinic at Knox Hall, 136 2nd Street NE.

Aaron Barlow, Territory Manager of Donor Relations for Canadian Blood Services with Regina, said they are currently booked at 100%, but that could change.

"We want to extend our gratitude to Weyburn and the community for their continued support of Canadian Blood Services and for helping to deliver on our promise to patients. But just as a reminder, we're in cold and flu season. We're in the middle of winter, and who knows what driving conditions would be."

"So, if you need to cancel your appointment, please do so well in advance, so that others can potentially book into that vacancy. For those donors who are looking for an appointment and don't see any availability right now, oftentimes there are same-day appointments that come up because of cancellations."

Barlow said that Weyburn has been a big supporter of Canadian Blood Services and Canada's lifeline.

"We have in the past reached out to community members, the high school, the Chamber of Commerce, certainly the City Council and Mayor's office, and asked them for support when we have been under-booked. But more often than not, we see a really good attendance from Weyburn and community."

He said that the need for blood is constant, and every moment of every day there is a patient who requires blood or blood products. He said that all blood types are needed, and they are especially calling attention to O-negative donors right now.

"If you are an O-negative donor, you are what is considered a universal donor. Your blood type is often transfused in emergency situations. If you are an O-negative or an O donor, there's a good chance that somebody else in your family also shares your blood type. So, please speak to them about the need to keep those appointments and bring our inventory levels back up into the new year so we can continue to deliver on our promise to patients."

"Right now we have experienced about a 35% dip in our national inventory. This is of course, as a result of the holidays and people being busy, and for many people donating blood, this is not a top-of-mind thing. Poor weather driving conditions and our ability to attend clinics have been impacted by severe weather in some of our centers as well as cold and flu season." 

Barlow said that anyone can book an appointment or check for eligibility requirements by visiting, calling 1-888-236-6283, or using the GiveBlood app that is available on Google Play or Apple.

"If you are 17 years or older and in general good health, there's a chance you are eligible to donate. One in two Canadians are eligible to donate, but we only see about one in 81 actually realize a donation."

Barlow said the next time Blood Services will be in Weyburn will be in June of this year, and they have mobile donor centres in other towns in Saskatchewan as well - it's best to visit for the one nearest to you.