Last year the YF Wives of Weyburn took over Quota International’s Women of the Year Awards and rebranded it to the Women of Distinction Awards and Gala.  

Although it was their first year hosting the event, the YF Wives were thrilled with the results. 

“We were extremely happy with everyone in attendance and how everything went over,” said Co-chair of the Women of Distinction Gala Dallen Hodgkin. “We were just so happy. Last year was such a success and we were really thankful to everyone in the community for supporting it and coming out and celebrating all of these women." 

Hodgkin added that they received some feedback last year and are making some adjustments ahead of this year’s event, which they are planning for May 3rd. While those details have not yet been released, nomination packages have. 

“You can pick them up either at the Weyburn Credit Union or the Weyburn Review, or you can go to our Facebook page, Weyburn YF Wives and you can just download them from there, there's a link on the post,” Hodgkin noted. “Really anyone in the community can be nominated. The Weyburn Credit Union Workplace Excellence is just somebody that you feel is standing out in their place of work. The YF Wives Community Service is anyone that you feel is standing out in volunteering, mentoring, kind of inspires others throughout the community. The Access Communications Entrepreneur Award is somebody who has successfully launched a business in the community. And then the Oil Women's Young Woman of Distinction is anyone between the ages of 18 and 30.” 

She added that the only other requirement is that nominees be females who live within a 100 km radius of Weyburn. 

“All the guidelines are in the nomination package with what you need to submit and if you have any questions, there is the Gmail address. You can e-mail us or our phone numbers too if you need to contact us quickly with any questions that you have about it.” 

Nomination packages are due by March 31st and then presented to an anonymous judging committee. 

“There is a judging committee that is picked at random,” added Hodgkin. “We do not judge for these awards.” 

She noted that save for one member of the YF Wives, no one else knows who is on the committee.  

Once nominees have been contacted, tickets for the Gala event will open to the public, likely sometime in mid-April.