For those with an excess of recycling greater in volume than what fits into the blue bins, there's a new non-refundable recycling depot in Weyburn, which opened yesterday. 

"This year we did change recycling providers, so the new facility for Goliath, a new public depot for recycling, is located at 1380 Coteau Avenue west, and that is the current yard that Goliath operates out of," explained the Engineering Director with the City of Weyburn, Jennifer Wilkinson. "So that is more on the west side of the city, but it will have the same type of drop off in the same "twenty-four seven" access, so there are no changes in any of that situation, just the location has changed."

More details can be found HERE.  

The GFL bins on the east end of Weyburn are now permanently closed.

Goliath will be replacing the residential blue bins in the coming weeks.