The heavy rainfalls last week resulted in flooding in the basement at the Weyburn Leisure Centre on Friday.

Leisure Services Manager Andrew Crowe said the delay now is due to the necessary red tape that's required for them to reopen the facility. 

"Unfortunately, that is where all of our indoor and outdoor swimming pool, mechanical and electrical systems are as well, so we're just currently closed right now, and going through the remediation process and conducting some inspections of our equipment to make sure that everything is in good order."

He said they are hoping to be back open by this Thursday but Crowe said they will be providing another update on Wednesday when more information becomes available.

"We have to get some plumbers and electricians and some other authorities to come in and make sure that our equipment is safe to operate before we can fire it back up."

Crowe noted, "electrical components along with humid environments don't always work too well".

"We just want to thank all the users of the facility for their patience as we get through this as quickly as we possibly can." 

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