The City of Weyburn is providing more details regarding the closure of the outdoor pool.  

The city’s Director of Leisure Services, Andrew Crowe, explained there were some mechanical issues that popped up early in the morning on August 19th as a part failed. The timelines to get everything fixed, however, put staff into having to make a decision regarding the pool’s season.  

“With only a week remaining in the season, by the time that part arrives, and we get it installed and the pool temperature back to where it needs to be, the outdoor season would actually be kind of over for us,” Crowe said. “So unfortunately, we just had to make the decision to close the doors for the next few weeks until we can safely open the indoor side on September 11th.” 

The closure does mean there will be some programming for the week cancelled. Crowe is hoping they will be able to get that rescheduled at a later time or find an opportunity for those kids to take lessons that were planned.  

Crowe also acknowledged the timing between the closure of the outdoor pool and the scheduled opening of the indoor pool. 

“Unfortunately, we can’t bump that up any earlier even with the closing just because we have a series of tasks that we actually work on throughout the entire summer and kind of build up til we open on our scheduled dates,” Crowe stated.  

The staff will be working to take care of the prep for the indoor pool, which includes things such as preventative maintenance. 

“Everybody looks forward to the outdoor swimming pool and it’s just really unfortunate that we have this situation but our staff are doing all that they can to make sure that we can reopen for the fall and winter season.” 

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