The extreme cold that has blanketed Saskatchewan has moved on... for now. This means a reprieve from the extreme cold warnings that have been in place since Boxing Day across much of the province. 

“We have an Alberta clipper that’s just brewing up in, well, Alberta, and that’s going to be tracking eastward across the prairies in the next day or so,” explained Justin Shaer, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “That’s what’s bringing some of the cloud and warmer air with it, but unfortunately on the back side of the system it’s just bringing the cold air right back.”  

The precipitation coming with the Alberta clipper will be mostly focused in the western parts of the province, where Shaer said upwards of 10 centimetres of snow could fall as the system makes its way through Saskatchewan. The eastern parts of the province will see a little less, with the meteorologist forecasting around three to six centimetres.  

The colder air that will be coming behind the clipper is expected to bring temperatures well below normal, but shouldn’t reach the levels we saw in the time period between Christmas and New Year's. Shaer said there could be some extreme cold warnings, particularly in the overnight hours, later in the week.