The City of Weyburn, in Partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, launched the commercial incentive program on January 1st, and it has already been seeing some interest.  

The goal of this program is to support new and existing businesses through tax incentives. 

Projects could be eligible for a 25 percent rebate of the cost of eligible façade and site improvements up to $5,000, up to five years of tax abatement for new construction on a previously vacant property, or tax abatement for one year for a new business in a previously vacant building.    

“The program itself is fantastic,” Larry Heggs, the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce said. “It just shows that the city of Weyburn is open for business and that we don’t only want to grow our current businesses, but start and expand new ones." 

Heggs said that he’s had around the same number of conversations regarding new construction as he’s had regarding new business.  

“I mean either way is a win for the community. Every time we can we can relish or gain a new job; you know that's it's a win for everybody.” 

He added that things are looking up for the local economy.  

“I most definitely feel that things are going to be better this upcoming year, and these types of incentives help. I mean that could be, you know, you get a five-year tax abatement on new construction. That's a lot of money.” 

Click here for more information, and to apply.