While some producers were able to continue their harvest operations without issue, others were slowed down due to cool, damp weather. 

According to the latest Weekly (September 12th to 19th) Crop Report from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, harvest has been progressing here in the southeast.

The latest numbers show we now have 65 percent of the crop in the bin, compared to 78 percent provincially, and compared to the five-year average for our region of 78 percent, and 69 percent for the whole province.

Those here in the eastern half of the province are still struggling with a crop that won't dry down, while many producers in the western half of the region have wrapped up harvest completely. Canola has been especially troublesome with some producers still applying desiccants.

As for precipitation this past week, we saw around 10 mm in most areas, which has helped lower the fire risk in fields as well as helped pasture grasses recover before the freeze-up. However, some rains have impeded harvest, as have the damp, cool conditions and frost.

The majority of crop damage this past week, in fact, was due to wind and frost. Most crops have been well beyond the threat of damage due to being harvested or are too far matured. There was also damage caused by wildlife and waterfowl.

Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as two percent surplus, 63 percent adequate, 33 percent short, and two percent very short. Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as three percent surplus, 49 percent adequate, 34 percent short and 10 percent very short. Once the harvest has concluded, a good soaking rain would be very beneficial for the soils and pasture grasses in the region.

Pasture conditions are rated as seven percent excellent, 49 percent good, 33 percent fair, nine percent poor and two percent very poor. 

Producers are busy combining, harrowing, spraying, hauling bales and grain, and moving cattle.

A complete, printable version of the Crop Report is available online HERE.