After an Arctic high pressure system had us dealing with extreme cold for the last week and a half, now, an upper ridge of Pacific air has been moving into the region, bringing daytime highs closer to zero.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Samantha Mauti said this will certainly affect the roads for drivers.
"Into the end of next week and early next week, it's likely that you're going to see that freeze thaw cycle, so with temperatures above zero during the day, you're going to see a lot of melting, and then temperatures overnight are expected to be below zero."

She said this means the melt will freeze overnight, causing a lot of the roadways and sidewalks to be very slippery. 

"So before heading out, it's always a really good idea to check highway hotline for road conditions across the sketch, one definitely be very careful on both roadways and on sidewalks."

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