This weekend, the Weyburn Public Library is set to celebrate Family Literacy Day with engaging activities for young readers. Nonetheless, Dawn Silver, the Branch Manager, emphasizes that the advantages of reading extend beyond mere entertainment for children; it serves as a foundational element in fostering health and prosperity throughout adulthood. 

“I was involved with the Community Action towards Children's Health in Kelowna, BC and we did a big study, backed by Success by 6. It (the study) showed that children who were hitting their benchmarks where they needed to be, or even above their benchmarks, had better outcomes in their entire lives. They had a higher socioeconomic standing. They made more money, and they paid more taxes, sad to say, but true, they also had better jobs, had better outcomes for health. They had better outcomes for their children. It just was a huge trickle-down, so reading is the key to success.” 

Silver also explained that when parents cultivate a reading habit and children witness this practice at home, there is a higher likelihood that the children will also develop an interest in reading, almost like an osmosis effect. 

However, suppose reading wasn't modelled in the household while growing up.  In such a scenario, delving into a novel might seem intimidating. Where, then, can individuals new to reading start? 

Love Oreza, Libraray Assistant (photo by Bernadette Mullen)Love Oreza, Library Assistant (photo by Bernadette Mullen)

“We have graphic novels which I think are fabulous as sort of stepping-stones to maybe more pages, more words on the page. Graphic novels have more pictures, they're basically detailed and in-depth comics, and the kids love them. We also have ones for teens, and we have adult graphic novels as well. It's a fun way to get into reading, but I mean even just the Summer Reading Club attendance. Reading with your kids for 15 minutes a day counts towards their future success. So, you know, we could usually find some time to carve out. What we did in my household was whoever was cooking dinner was read to.” 

There are many interactive activities planned for Family Literacy Day, some of which will include a story-walk, and delicious hot cocoa, and the kids will discover how to craft a wooden snowman. Pre-registration is encouraged, to book your spot you can contact the library at (306)842-4352.