Coming this fall, the Weyburn Gymnastics Club will have something for all ages and skill sets. From just learning to walk to advanced-level Cheer classes, there is something for everybody. Registration for fall classes is set to open Monday, August 15. 

“We have our usual classes for everybody, for all ages, we’ve got our Tiny Tots from just learning to walk to two years of age, we’ve got our Tumble Bugs program for our two and three-year-olds, and our Kindergym for four and five-year-olds, to advanced level cheer classes,” explained Deana Keller, Board Chair for the Weyburn Gymnastics Club. 

“For our school-aged kids, we have our CanGym Badge classes for whatever level they’re at, and we also have a recreational cheer class going on this fall, for our three and nine-year-olds.”  

This year the club is offering a new class. 

 “We have a new class called, An Introduction to Pom which is cheer dance without all the stunting, also for ages three to nine,” continued Keller. 

This past spring, the club introduced a Ninja class, the class was well received, and it will be returning for the fall.  

“It’s basically gymnastics skills without the equipment, you’re learning to roll and jump in an obstacle course format,” explained Keller. 

Keller also shared that they are doing Evaluations for the competitive gymnastics team on August 19 from 3 pm to 5 pm. Anyone wishing to participate in the Evaluations must email the club beforehand at

Registration for their fall programming begins August 15 at 9 am, to enroll in any of the classes you can go to the Weyburn Gymnastics website here.  The deadline for registration is September 5, late entries with be charged a late fee, and classes will begin on September 12.  To follow the Weyburn Gymnastics Club on their Facebook page you can go here.