When you want to post a selfie from the beach, but are low on data, or don't have it, and you have to wait until you get home to share, it takes away from the 'insta' part of Instagram.ย 

Now, visitors to Nickle Lake Regional Park can use free WiFi on the beach.

"Working with Access Communications this year and we were able to get free Wi-Fi to put into the beach area," said Park Manager Darren Wheeler.

He said he thinks it'll be good for everybody, for communication and more.

"So this allows our visitors to use it, if they want, they won't have to use their data. Now they can use their Wi-Fi down there," he shared. "I think it covers the whole beach, from what I saw when I walked around there and even a little past the beach it covers."

Wheeler noted that last fall Access had mentioned that they be able to put a Wi-Fi at the beach - and the best part is this will not affect camping rates.

"I've been working with Access since last fall trying to get to set something up, and then there haveย been a lot of requests from all our visitors," he explained. "They were nice enough to open one up for us now."

To get onto their WiFi network, select the 'Nickle Lake Beach' option in your Wifi settings.

"You just tap on it and then there's no password. You just log in."

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