Being in Weyburn for a show last night at Pumpjack's, the one and only Brayden King visited his alma mater, Weyburn Comprehensive School, yesterday morning for a live concert for the students, teachers, and staff.

He shared about it when he visited the Discover Weyburn studios right after the show.

"I went into the school because I knew I was gonna be here, and they asked me if I wanted to come by and do a little show for the kids," he said. 

"Even though the weather is not in our favour, they said their attendance today was giant, really improved from yesterday."

The school staff said the show was likely a draw for students to make a greater effort to get there today.

"That show was so much fun," he shared. "I took probably about 100 pictures with different kids, and answering questions, signing autographs, signing hats, everything, duets with old teachers, the whole deal."

King said he was approached by some students who said they consider him an inspiration.

"I got a good handful, I had one student come up to me that I'd never met before, and he was just asking me about my songwriting, because he really likes my music, and he wants to get into writing songs," he explained. "So even though there was a giant lineup of students, that guy in particular really got me excited. So I answered every question that he had about songwriting, because I hope to inspire kids to not only chase their dreams of music. If music is the dream, that's great. Just dreams in general. It takes a lot of hard work."

He said as long as the dream isn't too crazy, you never know what can happen.

"I thought this music career was completely crazy, but it clearly isn't," he added. "It just takes a lot of work, and I hope I inspired some kids today."

Hear the full interview about this performance (which followed Brayden mentioning a Weyburn show coming up in June, which we'll have more about on Monday):