On Tuesday Weyburn was hit with a blizzard or blizzard warning at least and the winds were very strong, strong enough to throw around those plastic garbage bins.

Thanks to our public works and parks team everyone had their garbage bins at the end of the day, as they went around rolling bins left out up to people's homes. 

Todd Bedore the Superintendent of Public Works explains why they did this,

"Days like that with really high winds, we're really limited to what we can do on those days, what work we can accomplish so I think it's a great way to give a service back to the community but it's also self-serving."

That way they don't get a whole bunch of phone calls saying that their garbage bins are broken as those cost around one hundred and fifty dollars apiece. 

"The people were really appreciative of this service and its something where we can give back a little bit but it is also good for us to keep the staff busy"