If you have extra garden vegetables, perennials, shrubs, or even house plants that need to be divided and repotted, why not do some of the dirty work and then donate them to the Weyburn Horticultural Society's annual Spring Plant Sale?

President Heather Cugnet said it's their biggest fundraiser of the year to help keep their programs running, which include special speakers like Charlene Britton, who will be speaking at their next meeting about how to show flowers. 

This year's event is being held about a week earlier than usual, on May 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Plant donations can be dropped off at the Weyburn Credit Union Community Room between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. 

"There will probably be people in the building in case somebody needs to drop off before 9:00, because I know that's a problem with work and stuff."

Cugnet said they get donations varying from shrubs and trees, including raspberries, as well as perennials, annuals, and house plants. 

"One of our Members has a beautiful collection of house plants that she's bringing. Sometimes there's gardening books and a few other odds and ends," she noted. "It's just a really good time to get growing." 

She shared a tried-and-true tip for potting donation items.

"We use coffee filters in the bottom of all our flower pots, and the coffee filter keeps the dirt from coming through the bottom and you don't flush it all away when you're watering, so then when you put it out on the tables for sale, it helps with cleanup."

Cugnet said they will offer competitive pricing, and to donate you don't have to do any pricing. It does help, however, to identify the plants. 

"If you were bringing tomatoes, it's good to know what the variety is, or if it's the house plants, it's good to know what it is. We do have lots of talented people that can identify them, and we've got some books and stuff in our stash that we can look things up and there's always somebody knows," she commented.

She said anyone who does want to label their plants, they have some labeling sticks available for pickup, as well as extra pots she'll, "gladly share". 

If you live out of town and need to make arrangements to drop off at an alternate time, you can contact Deanna Pearce-Kolbow at 306-861-2536, Tammy Spreken at 306-861-0379 or Heather Cugnet at 306-842-5892.