A concert fundraiser for the Weyburn Humane Society was held Friday night at McKenna Hall, featuring Justin LaBrash and Karissa Hoffart. 

Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice said they had around 130 attendees.

"What an extraordinary night with Karissa getting everyone up and dancing," she shared. "Justin also was great, and his mom was a rockstar keeping everything organized."

Morrice said she had never seen a concert more smoothly run. "Everything was absolutely perfect."

"Outlaw Distillery donated the spirits for the evening, and Prairie Sky Co-op donated towards the beer purchase," she noted. "Old Dutch donated chips (new flavors), which were delicious!!"

While the fundraising totals are not yet tallied, the proceeds from the show will go towards the WHS's future animal shelter on East Avenue, which is still under development.

Morrice added that the couple, Justin and Karissa, have donated over $500,000 to other non-profits over their years of performing.




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