It's Mental Health Week in Canada, and here in Weyburn we are connecting as a community through a visual symbol, of green door hangers distributed last week to households.

'We are encouraging you to support each other in mental health, and come together as a community, and display these on your front door," implored Constable Melinda Mintenko with the Weyburn Police Service, who joined forces with the Weyburn Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association for this initiative. 

"If that doesn't work for you, I'm encouraging you to display a little bit of green in support of mental health and your neighbors and come together," she said. 

The door hangers contain resources for community agencies that can help when someone is in need of mental health support.

"The community support for this initiative has been absolutely amazing, from the Canadian Mental Health Association to the City of Weyburn, and the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, our local Reeves, as well as our hotels, who have taken the time and the care to extend these resource cards to their guests, to those people that may be living at the hotels, I think that's absolutely huge." 

She said not only that, the schools, the bars, the businesses, even some of the rigs have put window clings accessible to those who need them.

"Sometimes half the battle is getting those numbers is knowing who to call. The other half is accepting the help," Mintenko noted. "I encourage you to talk to somebody, whether it's your neighbours, or whether it's a professional that's going to get the ball rolling to help improve your health."

"Weyburn is really, really lucky to have many supportive services, from Victim Services to Envision Counseling and Support Centre, we have a fabulous Mental Health and Addictions Services here, as well as each other," she commented. 

"I challenge you to extend yourself, to take a look into your lives to see how long you've been struggling and take a chance on talking to somebody," she encouraged. "After all, we've got lots of life left, and so many good years ahead. I know that if you take a chance on someone else, it might just be what you need to get into a good groove." 

"So this simple act of kindness, by putting green out on your front door this week, is really going to show that," she said. "I've already heard that there's been a chunk of people who really like this idea, and they feel the love from other supports, so I really hope to see a see a green." 

Mintenko added the door hangers were distributed last week with the free flyers, but if you didn't get one, or you'd prefer a window cling, you can contact the Weyburn Branch of the CMHA.  

billboardThe Mental Health Week initiatives from the CMHA Weyburn and Weyburn Police Service include a billboard reminding residents to show their support by putting something green on their front door (photo submitted).