What does it take to get the Weyburn Police Service to enforce the City's bylaws for messy yards?

In the most recent report from the WPS, a reminder was made to property owners concerning the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Abatement Bylaw.

Simply put: that mess in your yard is an eyesore, also known as, 'unsightly'. This means property owners are responsible to maintain their property and yard, ensuring grass and weeds are not overgrown, trees and bushes are trimmed, and all unsightly garbage is removed.

The mess can range from, but not limited to, lumber, cardboard, paper, newspaper, appliances, tires, cans, barrels, scrap metal or other waste materials or junk, dead or hazardous trees. Some have old cars laying around, while others may have forgotten about some items in their back alley.

"The majority of the properties that are inspected are complaint based," said Carla Fellner, Bylaw Enforcement Officer with the City of Weyburn. "However, I do find properties that I will inspect while out investigating the complaint-based calls, to determine whether an order needs to be issued." 
She said once the complaint is received on the messy yard, she will do an inspection and then issue an order to the property owner with a list of what needs to be cleaned up, along with the date by when they need to have the work completed. 

"If the order has not been complied with that time, the City will go in and do the cleanup, and then I will issue a violation ticket for non-compliance of an order under the bylaw," Fellner explained. "If a clean up has to be done, the invoice would be issued to the property owner as well."

She noted the warning process is usually ineffectual, and some think the grass or junk hiding behind a fence is fine, as long as nobody can see it. However, this can be hazardous for a number of reasons.

"A mess is not acceptable whether it is behind a fence or not behind a fence," she affirmed. "The grass that needs to be cut includes grass in a front yard, the back yard, the boulevard and the back lane of your property.  It does not matter if it can be seen or not, it all has to be cut."

Not only is overgrown grass unsightly, it can also be a fire hazard if it conditions are dry. It can also cause an infestation of rodents, vermin, and insects.
The bylaw can be found under the bylaws section on the City of Weyburn website HERE.    

If you have a concern regarding a messy yard, a complaint can be made by contacting the Bylaw Officer at the Weyburn Police Service by phone to 306-848-3250.