A community rallying to help after a local organization found itself in need this past weekend. 

Saturday morning, staff at the Weyburn Humane Society arrived at their shelter to find the floors under a significant amount of water. It turned out a pipe had burst, possibly due to the extreme cold over the past two weeks, flooding the building.  

Elizabeth Livingstone with the Humane Society says they put out a call on social media for any help at all they could get from the community, “and within 30 minutes we had 20 people there helping, so we do want to give a shoutout to the public for coming so fast to help us; a huge thank you for doing that.” 

As a result of the flooding, fans are now in place to dry everything out. This has resulted in the Humane Society having to close its doors for the next few days. However, the flooding caused damage to stocks of animal food, and there is nowhere to put what they would be able to have donated due to the flooding. 

“We have zero storage, so we are asking for either monetary donations or gift cards for Wal-Mart of PetValu to purchase supplies on an as-needed basis,” Livingstone added. 

Due to the flooding, some of the animals have been temporarily re-homed into foster care. As well, while the shelter is closed there will be some limited opportunities for the adoption of dogs. Staff will be able to meet with those looking to adopt a dog outside. For cats, however, there won’t be any adoptions available until after the facility re-opens. 

It is hoped that the clean-up will be completed by Thursday, at which time the Weyburn Humane Society will be open at its regular hours again.