In the Moment Clothing Co., a Junior Achievement company from Weyburn Comprehensive School, won second place as Best Store Builder of the Year in Canada, after previously winning first place as Company of the Year in Saskatchewan.

The company was created by the Entrepreneurship 30 Class in the first semester of this school year. They sold hoodies, t-shirts, and beanies, and donated 10 percent of their sales to the Weyburn Humane Society.   

“We were really successful because we worked together as a team,” said Hayley Gill, vice President of Human Resources. “We all fed off each other to be a great company.” 

Gill said after winning the provincial award they were asked to submit to Nationals, both required them to submit their business plan and shareholders report.

“We then also had to do a short little video on our company and what we achieved over the year.”   

The award process took place virtually through emails and Zoom.  

Find out more about In the Moment Clothing Co. HERE.