Yesterday was day one for the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show, and it opens up again today from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

MLA for Weyburn Big-Muddy, Dustin Duncan was there, and he, for one, is glad to see it happening once again.

"Especially with it the last one having to be postponed or cancelled, and finally nice to see people out and great weather for it, too," commented Duncan. "Just a lot of optimism in the industry. It's been a great show so far." 

"It's a huge success, I think," said Larry Heggs, Executive Director with Weyburn Tourism. "Just from conversation with travel exhibitors and even the people coming through the attendees and the exhibitors, it's been a great show so we're all very, very happy with it."

He said it's nice to see people out, reuniting and reconnecting.

"Just even watching people in the events, and in the curling rink and stuff, to just see people shaking hands, and seeing grown men even hugging, that they haven't seen each other, and it's just great," he said. "That speaks a lot to this show, is that it's a world class show, but it's also about the industry. It's a celebration of the industry."