This week is National AccessAbility Week, a time for Saskatchewan to join provinces across Canada to focus on the leadership, impact, and voices of people living with disabilities. 

In a press release, the Government of Saskatchewan stated that May 28th to June 3rd is also an opportunity to highlight work being done to remove barriers for people with disabilities and to "reflect on ways to foster a more accessible and inclusive Canada."

Kylan Fox is an employee at Fido's Place in Weyburn, as well as the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop. At Fido's Place, Fox said he trains dogs and he loves being around animals. He uses a walker and requires a special vehicle with wider doors to get in and out of so that he can fully participate in his vocation. 

Fox said that the accessible transportation he uses to get to work makes his life way easier because there is lots of room to get in and out.

In terms of something in the community that limits his accessibility, Fox made mention of gates. "There's a lot of times when I'm walking through gates, and a lot of them move. So if I'm going to walk through a gate, I don't want it to move."

Fox said that sidewalks are hard to get down with his walker or scooter because of the hills, and he chooses certain areas that work for him because there's areas where he can't get down very easily due to high corners and rocks.

He explained that he assesses sidewalks before he uses them to ensure they're safe. "There's lots of corners, especially by the group home and the hockey rink."

Fox added that he's been noticing lately that it's easier to get around Weyburn because more slopes have been added in, and he quite likes that. "I'm noticing that there's more level flat areas for everybody, not just for me."