An easy way for businesses and their customers to help fundraise for Communithon, the 'Leaf Your Mark' campaign kicked off last week.

Communithon tags, upon which a patron's name can be written and then hung up for all to see, can be sold for a $2 donation easily at the point of purchase.

"This is our first year doing this campaign, and we're very excited to give it a go and hopefully the community comes on board with us," said Communithon Committee Chair, Korryn Kubashek. 

"We're going along with the theme of, 'Fall in love with Communithon'," she noted. "Hopefully we get lots of business and lots of comments from it and we're always looking for feedback on ideas as well." 

She said some members of their business committee may already be in touch with some of the local businesses, but anyone who would like to participate can contact the business email, and, "if you're interested, we can get a package out to you on what it entails. It's very simple to do and we are looking forward to it." 

"[Communithon] is coming up fast and we've got some new ideas that are going to happen, so make sure you tune in to Communithon, and come down to the live events. It's going to be a great year," Kubashek added.

Contact them via email: