Valentine's Day is beginning to creep up and although most folks tend to think about their closest loved ones around this time of year, the staff at the Weyburn Public Library (WPL) are keeping Canada's veterans at the top of their list. In fact, they're inviting the entire community to join in on spreading some extra love and appreciation to our veterans this year, and they couldn't have made it any easier. Krista Klemmer, the adult programmer at the WPL said that folks can stop in any time to create a card there or take some home for later. Staff will take care of the rest. 

"We have 'Grab and Goes' next to the front desk throughout January, we decided to put out some Valentine's cards that people could color either at home or here at our Maker's Space table," said Klemmer. "If you have Valentine's that you picked up and finished at home, you can drop it off before February 1st and we will be sending them out on the 2nd to Veteran Affairs who will then distribute them to our veterans."


It is a seemingly small act, but the impact of receiving a thoughtfully made card on Valentine's Day can make the occasion a special one for a valued ex-service member. Klemmer shared that the idea had originated 35 years ago, and that it's become a favorite tradition of the Library ever since. 

"It started back in 1989," she explained. "Apparently with a newspaper columnist that asked for readers to remember that Veterans are important to remember at all times, and not just at Remembrance Day. It's really nice to feel appreciated on a day like Valentine's Day, right? It's a day to celebrate love. And you can love someone that you don't even know for the things that they've done for your country, and veterans have sacrificed so much for our country."

There are some basic guidelines to follow while creating your Valentine's card, which the Library has posted at their card station. A letter-sized card is best for making sure it can be forwarded by Veteran's Affairs, and avoiding the inclusion of treats or the use of glitter is also highly recommended. They also suggest personalizing the card by sharing a bit about yourself, including a short story or poem that may be meaningful to a veteran, and sharing why their service was important to you. 

Students currently seeking to fill volunteer hours can also take part, which will count towards their volunteerism requirements. Three special sessions have been organized by teen programmer Joanne Smith for those students wishing to take part, which Klemmer highlighted.

"As teens know, you've got those volunteer hours to get in and it's important to get those in early so you're not scrambling to find a place right before those hours are due," she reasoned. "Here you have an opportunity to color cards and get your volunteer hours with Joanne, our team programmer. She has set up specific times on January 11th, 17th and 18th at 4:00 PM where you can come color some Valentine's for veterans and get your volunteer hours."

There's no need for teens to sign up for these sessions beforehand, they just need to bring their volunteer forms along to be filled out afterwards by WPL programmers. Anyone else wishing to take part can also just stop by. The cards are available during all hours of operation, and there is no limit to how many cards you send. Residents are welcome to drop off store-bought cards, cards that they made at home, or cards provided by the library and filled out at their Maker's Space table.