The R.M. of Weyburn recently donated $3,300 to the Weyburn Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"People are becoming more aware of mental health issues and whatnot, and it affects everybody to some degree. That's saying you maybe don't suffer from it, but you may know somebody that does, or you may have helped somebody else. It really affects everybody to a certain degree," said Reeve Norm McFadden.

He said the money came from selling some of the items left behind in their newly-purchased office building, which is currently being renovated.

The salvaged items added up, which included scrap metal, overhead doors, heating units, which got new life rather than being sent to the landfill.

"We put them up for sale and everything sold within a couple days," he shared. "Then we had a council meeting the other day, and it came up, 'what we're going to do with this money?', and someone suggested we should donate it, and next thing we know, it was Mental Health Awareness Week and one thing led to another and that's where it went."

The new office started renovations last month. 

"The current office we're in was built basically for one person to work in, and now we're at three, and storage is becoming an issue," he explained. "And one of the offices currently in there used to be the storage room. So it kind of looks a little bit like a storage room." 

McFadden added they have plans to officially move into their new building this fall.