It's been a little over a week since Radville lost its Town Office and Fire Hall in a fire and the Mayor of Radville, Rene Bourassa, says that the Town administration is still in the assessment and recovery process.

"We've had a couple of meetings now and we're just trying to get a hold of things," said Mayor Bourassa. "We lost so many files and all the infrastructure and maps and supplies for water and sewer. We've had donations come in and support from the surrounding towns and RM's which has been great."

He noted that, while the building was a total loss, the town doesn't need to start from scratch as they have several other buildings which housed different vehicles. As well, they are planning on rebuilding but will not be doing any fundraising for the new building to avoid any sort of added burden on the taxpayers. 

He also understands that there are a lot of questions from residents that currently remain unanswered. 

"Just be patient. Don't push things, we're trying to just get a real hold on things. Our equipment and stuff, we have to go through the investigation and take it in stride," he said, noting that they are waiting on insurance information before they can get a real grasp on what will be done going forward. 

He also added that the support of the Town administration, and the community, was impeccable.

"We've got to realize how strong this community is. We're not just Radville, we're a hundred-mile radius and we've got very good support," he said. "That big fire, we had Weyburn out, we had Yellow Grass out, Ceylon out, firefighters out all night, staff out all night, restaurants opening up to cater. Super."

He closed by saying that he hopes to have more answers in the coming weeks and is thankful for all the support and patience the community has shown.