With the release of her first single, 'Hard Enough', Micah Walbaum, who is originally from Forget, has been touring this summer with Justin LaBrash. 

"So I've been doing that for the summer, and then I just did my single release, and now I'm actually going to be working on an album with Justin, and our drummer, Carter Kent," shared Walbaum.

Micah talked to Discover Weyburn just prior to performing at Nickle Lake Regional Park on Saturday night, where she sang backup vocals and played the fiddle, as well as some percussion, for both LaBrash and for Karissa Hoffart. (Find a link below to see photos and a video from that night). 

The album, she said, will begin production this month.

"It takes quite a while, especially because you want the most input you can get from other people, too, and every song is different. Every song has its own kind of thing going on. So it might take a while, but the longer it takes, the better it'll be, I guess, in the end."

"At the moment, we've been going through all my songs and picking the ones we find are pretty much best for the album because I have quite a few songs," she noted.

Walbaum added she started out her summer by busking at the Southland Mall in Regina through 'Summer Bash' community events, and she will continue to take advantage of opportunities like it in the future.

Find the single, 'Hard Enough', on Spotify HERE and on Apple Music HERE.